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Rawesome Christmas log
Rawesome Christmas log
Rawesome Christmas log

Rawesome Christmas log

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Creamy mango meringue with a sweet prune and goji berry center with crunchy pistachios, rolled in a delicious chocolate marzipan with a hint of spices, topped with a decadent and intense raw chocolate frosting.

Gluten-free, cashew and almond based, made with organic cold-pressed cacao butter and coconut oil + superfoods. Sweetened with raw agave nectar, fresh and dried fruits.

100% clean label. Made with organic ingredients.

No fillers, no preserving agents, no refined sugars, soy-free. Decadent gourmet raw vegan Holidays dessert, 100% natural, healthy and guilt-free.

Ingredients: raw and organic*

Almonds, agave nectar*, cashews, fresh lemon, Ataúlfo mangos, prunes*, cacao butter*, cacao powder*, coconut oil*, pistachios, goji berries*, natural vanilla essence*, nutmeg*, cloves*, beet powder*.

Three formats:

  • 85g slice (1 portion) : 8$
  • 510g half-log (6 portions): 40$
  • 2 x 510g half-logs (12 portions): 60$

** Limited quantity, place your order now and specify your date of pick-up or delivery.